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On choosing a life dizzy and disoriented. 

They go for the same kind of kill by disorientation; empire’s own scientist and own anthropologist. Two who faced them and came back alive are sources of these two thoughts that go together. And sum up where all of this is heading.

“I can’t think my way to a better alternative. Their way of seeing the world really is correct. … ‘Their god is God.’”
Kalman Applbaum (The Marketing Era, 2004)

“Already Ulysses, to avoid giving in to Sirens’ song, had to plug his companions’ ears and tie himself to the mast of his ship. Such is the opening price to be paid, if one is to emerge victorious from the test of lucidly examining the history of ‘development.’”
Gilbert Rist (History of Development, 1998)

[Paul Klee’s Angelus Novus (1920), inspiration for Walter Benjamin’s famous “This is what we call progress” description.]

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